You need tools to help manage important areas of your life!

Especially if you want to protect yourself, your personal life, and the clients you serve.

Struggling with finding balance in your life and feeling overwhelmed are very common issues in our line of work.

Here are the tools you didn't know you didn't have but will absolutely need!

Turning Leaves Recovery Life and Wellness Coaching founder, Tricia Parido, has created Live for Yourself First as a proven to be effective guide that will take you through the psychological skill sets and tactics you need to cultivate, nurture, and condition the level of EQ necessary in professional practice and in every day life.

I have watched many professionals burn out and I have seen many fall prey to addictions, negative attachments, and emotional distress crumbling their personal lives, personal esteem, and their ability to be effective in their craft. 

I am so passionate about the professionalism of the coaching industry, especially where life recovery needs are concerned, it pains me to see motivated individuals jump into the business with pure aspirations of helping people live life better without a clear and focused journey to walk with them.

If we, the professionals, don't know where we are going with a client the client won't get where they want to be.

It is just a fact. I have tested the theory! 

I have spent years observing, identifying, creating, and mastering the processes.

They work. It is proven. 

I promise I wouldn't be staking my name and reputation on it if it wasn't. 

If this is resonating for you, you will be served by learning what I know and will want to have a conversation booked on my calendar


Meet Tricia Parido!

A Recovery Lifestyle Enthusiast, Speaker, Writer. She is a Nationally Certified Life Coach, an International Master Addictions Specialist, and a Professional Life Interventionist with a Psych Degree in Process Behavioral and Chemical Addiction who loves to help change lives! As a Master Life Interventionist, Tricia is ever committed to serving her clients worldwide to find the emotional intelligence they need to conquer their life challenges.

As an active business owner of a thriving coaching practice, Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching, with courses seated in evidence-based practices, she not only teaches her clients how to live the life they desire, how to evolve, and “live free”, but she also teaches those that aspire to become professional coaches how to do so, passionately, and professionally.

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