I created this space for people who are ready for a change and a productive proactive plan to instigate it.

What I know to be true, from witnessing and walking this journey myself over the last 10 years, is that people on any life recovery journey (regardless of what stage) excel when they obtain the life skills they weren't aware they didn't have all along.

Furthermore, they learn that with the practical application of every psychological tactic, their lives change dramatically for the better.

  • They can now experience living the way the desire.
  • They can now experience their environment positively and productively.
  • And their environments receive them the way they want to be received.

Each group is designed to guide you toward:
  1. getting to know yourself at a level you never considered.
  2. allow you to define what the 8 categories of life balance mean to you
  3. instigate responsiveness in all things you do, without impulsivity.
  4. shift your communication style with yourself and others
  5. provide you with an effective filtration system so your boundaries, limits, and limitations serve you and others.
  6. show you how to get effective and do what works, for you.
  7. implement spot on tactics so you can control you moments and face being distressed.
  8. identify and describe your emotions so you can leave the pain behind and lead with a new lens
  9. reduce your vulnerability so you can build your story, your mastery, your life living free from negative attachments, addictions, and the habits holding you hostage.

When you join I will send you a complimentary copy of my 30-day Journal with Intention which will walk you through each core lesson from the Live Free program so you have the same tools the other members and I are speaking about

EVEN BETTER you will get 20% off if you choose to invest for one full month
OR you can pay as you go

Living free and for yourself means gaining the ability to consistently engage in living your full potential. I want to make sure you receive all the direction, tools, and skills you need to begin your path to living that FULL POTENTIAL!

Hey, I'm Tricia Parido.

Owner, and Creator of Turning Leaves Recovery Life and Wellness Coaching. I’m a Nationally Certified Life and Recovery Coach, Master Addictions Specialist, an Industry Thought Leader, Recovery Lifestyle Enthusiast, Transformational Speaker, Effective Life-Skill Breather, and a Fierce Optimist who loves to help change lives!

My passion is to make life better for the people seeking life recovery, equipping them with the right life skills and helping them set the right aspirations, so they can live life and live it freely in one amazing personal journey!

What you can gain through community engagement

It can truly be difficult to visualize and feel confident that the pace of your recovery and your life improvement journey is going to be rewarding in the end.

Having the ability to see, hear, experience, and collaborate with others that are on the same path can bring tremendous value.

Here you’ll get a chance to

  • Hear how others are growing
  • Learn how they are working on their skillsets
  • Gain clarity
  • and greater insight for your own skillsets

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You will gain access to a secure digital TLC Corner where you will receive links and log in information, your 30-day guide to living free, and the ability to ask me a question, seek direction, or request additional support.

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