Don’t allow your habits to run your life! If you haven't reached out to Katherine to have a conversation yet... use the button below so you can be done with living in pain and discomfort.

Trust me not taking that step to have a conversation is choosing to live in the pain on purpose!

Did you know Habits, Addictions, and Negative Attachments CAN be overcome?

I do! Because I did it!

AND it doesn’t matter how long you have been holding on to them or using them to cope with your emotions or life stressors.

You CAN drop them all without feeling guilty, selfish, punished, or restricted.

And what’s even better.

You can keep those things you love, you just need to change your relationship with them.

Recovery does not happen in a vacuum. Change won’t arrive without action.


It doesn’t matter how long you have held on to them or used them to cope with your emotions or life stressors.

Without feeling guilty, selfish, punished, or restricted, you CAN drop them all.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

I’m looking at speaking to YOU directly!

  • Transitioning back to life after treatment
  • Experiencing a chemical addiction not suited for inpatient treatment
  • Living with people-pleasing codependency and attachment issues
  • Battling with food addiction
  • Fighting with impulse control like shopping or anything else that is lacking discipline
  • Struggling with behavioral issues – like a need to be right or bothered by things you cannot control
  • Lacking life skills – the all in or all out cycle
  • Or are simply feeling stuck

Here are a few of the top outcomes TLR clients are sharing:

"Self Acceptance"

"Personal Acknowledgement"

"Celebrating My Wins"

"Living in the moment"

"Slowing Down and Staying Present"

"I feel seen, heard, accepted, confident, and valued"

"I know I am valid"

"I have Clarity"

"I am Resilient"

"I make intuitive decisions"

"I am grateful for my Recovery Journey"

My laser coaching WILL get you unstuck so you can effectively manage your life structure and begin living your days being the best you.

Join me!

Make This The Year You Learn to Live Free from the Habits, Negative Attachments, and Addictions Holding You Hostage!

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Hi, I’m Coach Katherine

I have an innate passion for helping others learn to feel the sunshine again and experience the joys this life has to offer.

I battled decades of life-threatening eating disorders, as well as alcohol dependency- that once stopped my heart.

I have been given a second chance at life, and with this opportunity, it is my great fortune to help others who are struggling to learn to find hope, peace, wholeness, happiness, and healing. 

As a mother and a professional teacher by trade, my education was an imperative step to ensure I only bring the highest quality of coaching to those I serve! I am an International Master Addictions Specialist credentialed in the areas I found crucial and see as critical in the lives of my clients. The credentials that make up my Master's level status are Recovery, Family Recovery, Life, Harm Reduction, Food Addiction, Recovery Nutrition, Recovery Fitness, and Relapse Prevention.

I truly look forward to experiencing your journey with you, every step of the way!

Freedom does look good on you, but it feels even better!


As a business owner, a woman who holds familial needs in high regard and has deep intellectual needs, I certainly understand how difficult it can be to maintain a lifestyle that truly feels balanced, rewarding, and complete.

TLR’s unique life-skill building programs teach you how to regulate your emotions, develop distress tolerance, improve communication, and decrease relationship conflict.


This course bundle is an investment in yourself!

But, trust me, it’s worth the investment!

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  • One Weekly Power Hour Session
  • LIVE Life Skill Group Access!


Not Just That, BUT A BONUS:

  • Strengthening Your Resilience 90-Day Access

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