Mini Leaves a 30-Day Guide to Living Free is the ultimate journal with intention! This is not your usual journal; each day is formatted with a beginning journal prompt to help you initiate your reflective process and ends with a validation prompt to help you finish each day with a resolve to live out your freedom!

Expect specifically tailored prompts designed to help you:

Upon a new inspirational directive given to obtain a new way of thinking


Out your change process to sustain and maintain your freedom


Any and all habits stifling your growth and holding you hostage.

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This journal will teach you step-by-step how to live the life you desire and deserve!

Whether you are:

• Just now embarking on the idea that you could use some direction.

• Actively engaging in a change process.

• Feeling complacent and require a tune-up.

Are you ready to turn a new leaf? Change comes consistently, whether we initiate or not. This 30-Day Guide is the perfect gift to yourself to begin your own change that will take you from living a life trapped to LIVING FREE!