In the complexity of your journey, we find beauty.

Here, your struggles are understood, your story is honored, and your growth is celebrated.

Welcome to Turning Leaves Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching

At Turning Leaves, we believe in the power of interconnected growth and comprehensive healing.
Our systems and processes are designed to address a broad range of challenges, making our approach as diverse and dynamic as the people we serve.

Understanding the Complexities

Life is complex, and so are the challenges we face. Alcohol dependence, food addiction, body dysmorphia, and dissatisfaction, perfectionism, and people-pleasing are deeply intertwined struggles.

  • Unlike other dependencies, we can’t simply put down food and swear it off.
  • Perfectionism and people-pleasing are beautiful parts of our personalities that may have been skewed over time.
  • Body dysmorphia and dissatisfaction with our appearance can add layers of emotional and psychological strain, leading to feelings of overwhelm.

These issues can lead to stress, anxiety, and depressive states, impacting our bodies with oxidative stress, leaky gut, cortisol dumps, and hormonal imbalances.

Understanding how these elements are connected is crucial to addressing them effectively.

Our Approach

At Turning Leaves, this interconnectedness fuels our passion to share knowledge and support. Whether through a carefully designed program, one-on-one sessions, group workshops, or the content we share online, our goal is to help you see the bigger picture and navigate your unique journey with clarity and confidence.

In a world with shrinking attention spans, we present information in manageable, bite-sized pieces, ensuring you can easily integrate these insights into your daily life.

Your Journey

Recovery, life, and wellness are not isolated paths; they are intertwined journeys.

By embracing this complexity, we can work together to navigate these challenges more effectively.

Our commitment is to continue sharing insights and methods that can help you on your unique path, no matter how complex it may be.

Join Us

If you're ready to explore how these interconnected challenges can be addressed and are seeking a comprehensive approach to your well-being, we invite you to explore your potential journey with us. If we are a fit we will create a roadmap tailored just for you.
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Insightful transformations await you here every day!

See what our clients have to say.....

It has been such a gift to work with Trish over the past year. Her kind, friendly demeanor puts me at ease and her genuine concern and desire to help me achieve greater balance in my life is the support and accountability I need to make lasting positive changes. Trish’s curriculum provides tools and skills to navigate through any life challenge from relieving stress to forming better habits. I’m entering into this new decade with greater confidence and focus thanks to our work together.

- Stephanie Stackhouse

This program has been a life changer for me. It has made my recovery process so much smoother and has helped me to really self reflect and heal my deep-seated beliefs, habitual behaviors and thought processes that have blocked me from living my highest potential. I am so grateful for Tricia and Turning Leaves Recovery Coaching. 

- Naomi Brebes